Chelsey and Nate

Had a fun time shooting with my cousins Chelsey and Nate Bazinet. They were patient as I tried to iron out some issues with natural lighting and chemical ... uhhhh .... "imperfections". What I'm really pushing toward is getting a calculated working process that would allow me to offer tintypes to the general public. To know how sunlight, temperature, old vs. new chemicals, etc will affect an image is a daunting task when you have a discerning (and paying) customer with a certain expectation. I get closer each time I practice though.

Thanks again Chelsey and Nate!

First images ...

Here are a couple tintypes I shot after getting all set up with the new camera, dip tanks, chemicals, etc. They are 4x5 and 8x10 respectively (the two sizes I'll be offering locally). This is actually my first ever 8x10. With all things considered I'm quite happy with the result.

I'll be shooting with some family/friends this weekend - can't wait to see how portraits turn out with this new setup. 

The difference in coloring is simply that the 4x5 had dried completely when I snapped the image and the 8x10 had not.

First ever solo exhibition

The 625 Sutter Gallery in San Fransisco has selected my project Others : Gender to be a solo exhibition during the month of April. I'll be traveling there to set up the show on March 31st and it will hang from the April 1st to the 28th. There will be an opening reception on Thursday April 2nd from 5:30-7:30. If you're in the SF area be sure to stop by. Also, let any local family/friends/acquaintances know who may enjoy the work.


MFA granted

I just finished my final review with a panel of amazing professors and am glad to announce that I have been awarded my Master of Fine Arts degree from the Academy of Art University. I started in the Fall of 2010 and here now in the Spring of 2014 I can say that weight has been lifted.

Thank you to each of my subjects who so willingly collaborated with me to create this beautiful series. Thank you family and friends for the continual support. To the peers and professors thank you for constantly pushing me to the next level. And of course, Angela thank you for everything you do - you're amazing.

I'm now turning all my attention and energy toward my next projects, juried shows, possible exhibitions, developing workshops, and working toward that life goal of professorship. Anyone hiring?

With gratitude,


The Finished Portfolio

Here are a few images of my completed portfolio. It's made from white oak and red maple with each float-mounted image housed in an individual frame.

The piece was constructed by Josh Bailey of Baileywood.